2gosoft Adshare - Features

Find a list of important features available in 2gosft Adshare Script

Note that there are more features that are not listed here. You can see these features by viewing ths script demo here.


  • Easy Setup - Script comes with an installation wizard which takes you through installation routine once script is uploaded to server. No programming knowledge is required for this setup
  • Fully customizable  software- Script is fully customizable to attain a unique program. From looks to functionality to email messages. All these can be customized for a more unique feel.
  • Flexible settings - Script is very flexible and can be adapted to be used a number of ways by updating settings from administrative panel
  • High Security
    • All sensitive information are encrypted with a high security algorithm to prevent security bridges
    • Path to administrator panel can be changed for extra security
    • Captcha images for all public forms to avoid spam


  • Powerful revenue sharing system with advertising as profit generator
    • Admin can add unlimited revenue share plans
    • Revenue share plans can be set to work a number of ways by selecting from loads of options
      • Admin can specify system to distribute x% of purchased share(s) every x minutes, hours, or days and reserve x% as admin profit (Revenue Share Plan)
      • Admin can specify system to distribute x% of every x unit(s) of share(s) purchased and reserve x% as admin profit (Revenue Share Plan)
      • Admin can specify system to pay x% periodically until share(s) earn x% (Max ROI) after which they expire (Fixed ROI Plan)
      • Admin can specify if users will be required to surf a specified number of websites in other to earn periodical rebate or qualify for revenue distribution
      • Admin can restrict plans to a specific payment method – This means purchase into that plan can only be made with the specified processor
      • Admin can specify the total amount of shares they want to sell for a specific plan (This is set to unlimited by default)
      • Admin can choose to allow members purchase shares in a plan only after they have purchased shares in another plan
      • Admin can restrict purchase in a plan only to specific members who have purchased membership (Membership Extention Needed)
      • Admin can add a percentage bonus for a specified plan (This means that a user will get a percentage of their initial purchase as bonus in a specified plan – either in the same plan or another plan )
      • Admin can deactivate or activate plans at anytime without affecting users who already purchased shares in the plan
      • Admin can specify how much advertising credits (Website, Banner and Text Credits) will be added to a users account per share purchased.
      • Admin can enable or disable  repurchase rule – a feature that will keep a certain percentage of user’s earnings for repurchasing new shares only
  • Advanced overview page with graphical display from where admin can view all important statistics for program at a glance
  • Advanced Statistics
    • Admin can see how much in total has been deposited into member’s wallet daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
    • Admin can see how much in total has been spent from member’s wallet daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
    • Admin can see how much in total has been withdrawn from members wallet daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
    • Admin can see how much shares in total has be sold daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.
    • Admin can see how much in total users have earned both in rebates and referral commissions daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.
    • Admin can see top share purchasers, top rebate earners and top referral commission earners
    • Admin can view members ads statistics and credits allocation
  • Advanced user management system
    • Allows admin to view, add, edit and update user s information.
    • Allows admin to manage a user’s account balance.
    • Allows admin to see all users transactions including deposits, earnings, subscriptions, withdrawals and more
    • Admin can manage all shares purchased by a user  (suspend a share from earning, expire a share or delete a share completely)
    • Admin can send messages and customizable newsletters  to a specific user or group of users  
    • Admin can make any user co-administrator which gives them access to the administrative panel with limited privileges
    • Admin can enable or disable registration
    • Registration form fields can be customized from admin settings
    • Admin can choose if a member will require security question to update account information or not
    • Admin can activate or deactivate email verification on signup
  • Advanced content management system
    • Allows admin to add and edit, and delete relevant pages on the website
    • Allows admin to manage news, frequently asked questions, menus and more
  • Outstanding advertising management system
    • Advertising system includes website, banner and text advertising.
    • Admin can manage all members websites in surf rotator, all member banners and text ads on display around the website – (ads can be approved, suspended, or even deleted)
    • Admin can sell ad credit packages to users without them buying ad shares
    • Admin can customize the look of ads display on website – They can change the size of the ads to fit into webpage accurately and also change how many ads will be displayed per block
    • Admin can add ads any were on the website by copying and pasting  generated code from admin panel
  • Advanced wallet system –The wallet system allows members to deposit money from various payment options to the system and spend their balance within.
    • It is designed to prevent deposit from one processor and withdrawal via another
    • It allows instant, automatic crediting to account on deposit
    • Admin can enable or disable deposit to wallet as well as cash out from wallet
    • Admin can specify days on which members can cash out
    • Admin can enable or disable transfer of funds from one member’s wallet to another (A fee can also be specified for transfers if enabled. It can also be specified if the sender or receiver pays the specified fee)
    • Admin can specify minimum and  maximum deposits, minimum and maximum transfer as well as minimum and  maximum cash out allowed
    • Withdrawals from wallet can be processed manually one by one or can be processed as mass payments  (saving administrator some work)
  • Script comes with all the major payment options and an installation wizard where administrator can install new options with the click of a mouse (No programming required)
  • Advanced promotion tools such as banners, splash pages, and social media sharing tools are already integrated for effective marketing of program
  • Customizable email templates for newsletters and system notification emails
  • Advance email notification system – Notifies administrator during events of new deposits, new referral etc.
  • Advanced tools to encourage signups and participation
    • Referral program - multilevel referral program that pays members commissions up to unlimited depth whenever their down line purchases share(s)
    • Admin can give members  free advertising credits on signup
    • Admin can give members free cash on signup - they will only be able to spend this cash in the system and not withdraw or transfer it to another member.
    • Admin can give bonuses on specific plans



  • Overview dashboard to view all important member statistics
  • Members can purchase shares in various revenue share plans and get advertising credits set for the plan and also earn set returns on the amount of purchase within the specified time period
  • Members can also purchase advertising credits independently without purchasing adshares
  • Members get email notification for all important actions in their account (They can also update their settings to choose what notifications they want to receive and which they don’t want to receive)
  • Members have a reach set of promotion tools to enable them get more referrals and earn more commissions
  • Members have access to an advanced advertising system with website, banner and text advertising
    • Advertising system is a  credit based system
    • System has advance graphical statistics for all advertising campaigns – members can view how many people viewed your ads, how many people clicked your ads, as well as  track daily progress
    • Members can choose what section of the website to add their ads
    • Member ads are categorized to give them more targeted reach
    • Members can choose days on which their ads should be displayed
    • Members can limit the amount of credits each ad uses daily
  • All sensitive members information are encrypted
  • Members can participate and earn from the referral program – view all their downlines and track commissions up to an unlimited depth


We have developed several extensions for this script. Some of the extenstions include

  • Internal Messaging System
  • Referral Contest
  • SplashPage Builder
  • Membership Manager


Some of the third party software that can be integrated to this software includes:

  • Phplist - For advanced newsletter management
  • MailChimp - For advanced newsletter management